Chestnut Hill Nursery is a nationally recognized leader in the development and introduction of new plant varieties to the horticultural industry in America. Our family has over 60 years of experience in breeding and growing nut, fruit and flowering trees on our farm in north Florida. We harvest fresh fruit from our orchards and vineyards 12 months a year!

We bred and introduced the Dunstan Hybrid Chestnut and have been a leader in the return of chestnuts to America for over 30 years. You too can help the revival of the chestnut tree and make money selling chestnuts from your own orchard.

We specialize in the new low-chill fruit varieties developed by the University of Florida. We will help you select and grow the right varieties of low chill apples, peaches, nectarines, plums, pears, Kaki persimmons, blueberries, blackberries, grapes, and figs, and experience the fun and healthy process of growing fruit and food for you and your family!

With our unique selection of flowering and native wildlife trees, we will help you beautify your home and create a natural habitat on your land that will attract birds, wildlife and game species.

Chestnut Hill Tree Nursery is a 150 acre family-owned farm in the rolling hills just northwest of Gainesville in the heart of
Gator Country and the arctic part of Florida. Our climate is similar to the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, from South Carolina to South Texas, and we can grow many kinds of plants that are adapted from Zones 6-10. Our trees have been planted in thousands of acres of fruit and nut orchards across the U.S.

We look forward to helping you learn and grow your own nut, fruit, flowering and wildlife trees!


Chestnut Hill Nursery specializes in propagation and production of the best varieties of fruit, flowering, native wildlife and landscape trees for the South. We grow and produce the majority of everything we sell on our own farm.

We strive to provide you with the best quality plants and trees that have been produced in our greenhouses, beds and fields on our 150 acre farm. In addition, we maintain test orchards and budwood blocks and we fruit all of the varieties here at the farm. We take budwood and cuttings from our own sources, and make every effort to insure that you get exactly what you order.

Unfortunately, some mail-order nurseries, which are simply brokers that buy in plants from other growers, must trust someone else to tell them what they are getting (for instance, almost all peaches look identical when dormant). Because many of their customers do not know what the varieties actually are, some nurseries freely substitute to fill the order and the result is you get a plant that is the wrong variety and not adapted to your area.

We know what our plants are because we grow them here! Our pictures are of the actual plants you will receive, and pictures of fruit and flowers are taken at our farm, or from trees in the forests nearby when we are able. We don't try to sell you with photo-shopped pictures of sultry people that have nothing to do with the variety being sold, or of incorrect pictures of the wrong variety. These unscrupulous people give the nursery industry a bad reputation. For reviews on mail-order nurseries, go to Dave's Garden


We will help you choose varieties that are appropriate for your area and level of chilling. We also try to provide as much information as possible to help you be successful in growing your plants.

Watching your plants grow, bear flowers, and then harvesting and eating the fresh fruit that you have watched grow is a wonderful experience!