We encourage you to send us photos of your successes growing our trees, and we will post them here on our website!

"We planted Dunstan Chestnuts on our farm in Pike County, Illinois in 1999. They have grown tremendously, even in this cold climate. We harvest many deer from the land each year. The trees are bearing 2,000 lbs/acre after only 10 years. We have had to put up an 8' deer fence to keep them from eating all of our nut crop!"

-Dale and Linda Black, Pike County IL

Our Dunstan Chestnuts are planted on 20' centers and now over 40' tall, planted in 1994.
-Delmarvelous Orchards, DE

Planted 10/2013 Borrowed Acres Farm Sylacauga, AL

Pictures from 10/2015

-Borrowed Acres Farm, AL

"We planted 62 Dunstan Chestnuts in 2000, along with 800 Collosal, Marigoule and Maraval chestnuts at our farm in northern Connecticut. We are surrounded by American chestnuts in the nearby forests, both dead trees and suckers sprouting from the roots, so there is a lot of blight in the area. All 800 of the other chestnuts have died, but we have not lost a single Dunstan Chestnut. Last year (2009) we harvested 400 lbs of nuts from the 62 Dunstan trees. They are beautiful, large nuts."

-Bruce Luginbuhl, Ellignton CT

M. Thompson. 10 Year old Dunstan planted in Central GA

-M. Thompson. 10 Year old Dunstan planted in Central GA

I visited your office while we were in Florida. Thought you'd like to see these photos,

A dozen of these on one tree and the 2nd year after planting, Very Impressive! - 2015

-R Kingsley

Dunstan Chestnut Trees 3 yrs of age. PA
Dunstan Chestnut trees 3 yrs of age. PA

Dunstan Chestnuts 2 & 3 years old planted in PA. 

- J. Conway

We planted Dunstan Chestnuts in the Blue Ridge in the early 1990s. We sell all we can grow, but the bears break branches out of the trees to eat the nuts. We have to keep a person up all night in the orchard during harvest season to keep the bears away.
-Wilson Orchards, VA

Falls Mills,TN.  Dunstan planted in 1994

Dunstan chestnuts and burrs from Dunstan planted in 1994- TN

Falls Mills, TN. Dunstan planted in 1994 and photo of chestnuts at harvest time.

Dear Chestnut Hill

The four trees arrived Feb 2017 and I potted them up and all four are leafing out beautifully (Friendswood, Texas). Those are Tree-mendous size ONE YEAR trees - how do you get them four feet tall in a year?!
Anyway, your trees are very beautiful and healthy and should become great producers if I find them the right slightly acidic, well drained soil.

-D. Allen- Freindswood, Texas

3 year old Dunstan chestnut trees planted 2014. Photo taken Sept 2017

-L. Wilson - Michigan

If you look closely in the upper corner of the first photo you can see some chestnuts still on the tree.

Great photo beautiful tree and the oldest chestnut log lodge, photo on the right.
Come visit. -2015
-D. Halkias

We planted 45 of the Dunstans here between 2012-13. Only 5 died, and they were in a very dry area. That's my fault for not watering them more. I used tubes/stakes and surrounded them all with 2"x4"x 4' tall welded wire and either grass mats or mulch on all but 2. I ran out of mats/mulch on them. We also used fertilizer spikes on them. 2 spikes per tree. I have to fence them in or the buck will tear them up and the deer will eat the leaves/shoots from the top of the tubes. The Persimmons are doing much better than I expected!! I didn't think they'd make it through our winters here in N.E. PA. The Crabapples I figured would do fine as we have other mature crabs here on the property. The Sawtooth Oaks are all growing. Some stronger than others. Our Branch will be having another tree sale in the Spring. We already have much interest and will be taking pre-orders soon!! Thanks.

-Mike Koneski, PA

Just wanted to give you an update. The foxes are still getting the drip system. Guess it will be an ongoing thing. The great news is the survival of the trees. I had read that I should expect a 10% loss in my trees according to websites I read. After 1 year I have a 100% success rate so far. Every tree flushed out great. I am thrilled. I am a little behind on my next planting. Having to have a roof put on the farm house. I am trying to prep for another 100 to 150 trees. I have the rows and stakes ready and need to get the irrigation system in. I hope to have about 400 to 500 trees when I am done.

-T. Carden, TLC Farms, GA

-Leu Gardens. Orlando, Fl

Our Dunstan Chestnuts are planted on 20' centers and now over 40' tall, planted in 1994.
-Delmarvelous Orchards, DE

Chestnuts on a 5yr old Dunstan chestnut tree above just planted last year spring. All trees pictured are 5 yr old Dunstan chestnut trees spaced around 30' apart.

-J. Dixon, IL

Hello Bob, This is Mark Longwell from Rochester NY. I know this is a late message. I wanted to send this sooner but got so busy. Anyway, I wanted to take the time to thank you and your staff for allowing me to visit your chestnut tree farm. It was so interesting to see the trees and listen to the wealth of knowledge you have about them. I have been speaking with James Cobb in Utica NY and he informs me that the 300 plus Dunstans he planted are following script per your website. He says they do very well here and this past harsh winter did not harm them at all. So with that said, I will be contacting Deb in the near future to place a order for spring. It will not be the 640 trees I had planned however, I think I will be going for approx. 324 trees. Again, thank you for your hospitality.

-Sincerely Mark, NY

These are the trees we planted December 2013. They are in 6' grow tubes.

-D McKenna Nuthouse Farms, GA

My property is North of Baton Rouge, LA on the Louisiana/Mississippi State line. I planted 50 American Persimmon trees from Real Tree Nursery this spring. I ordered 50 trees and all 50 trees survived, I was amazed. I will plant another 50 trees this coming spring of another variety.

-Regards,Travis David Satisfied Customer, LA

- Captain Favre

My Chestnut Experts - We absolutely love our chestnuts, have planted our first 100 and seem to be taking well. We have tree protectors around them and have sprouted leaves quickly. Next year we intend to order early and plant another 100. Sincerely,

-James Cobb, Clinton, NY

-Elaine, NC

This planting was part of the branch's commitment to plant some type of useful trees for Donna Salko in memory of her late husband, Dr. Salko. Dr. and Mrs. Salko have supported the Susquehanna Branch for many years at our fund raising banquets and other activities-2014

-QDMA Susquehanna Branch, PA

Thanks again for going the extra mile to see that I got our peach tree. I wish I had employees that would be that way! Thanks again,

-Eddie Kees

To all: Two weeks ago I picked up 4 of your plum trees. Everyone was so helpful. I particularly appreciate all the excellent directions to your place and then on to my cousin's house. We planted 2 plums at my dads and the other 2 at my husband’s office. We will have fun watching them grow. Thanks again for helping me, and best wishes from a gardening friend,

-Terri Jesmonth, Pensacola FL

Debbi - Thank you for your time and attention. We really enjoyed the tour of your farm, and we learned a lot. We'll pass the info on to other GC members and the Master Gardeners. You'll be seeing more of us! Thanks again.

- Pat Caren, Pres. Alligator Creek Garden Club, Starke FL

I have been wanting to thank you for a while...I ordered seedlings that arrived last spring. I can't believe how they have done. Almost doubled their size in one growing season...and after traveling all the way to Ohio. I was not sure at first they would even leaf out...but then they just took off. The soil here is not the greatest, and perhaps on the alkaline side. But despite this it is the very best mail order nursery stock I have ever received, and bareroot too! How did you do it? I am a horticulturist and have never had such luck with any mail order stock, ever.

Thanks a bunch, I am so pleased.

-Megan King, OH

Hello. Last spring, you shipped six Dunstan Chestnuts to my home in south St. Louis. I am in the USDA hardiness zone of 5b, or according to Arbor Day Foundation, I’m in zone 6. The seedlings you sent are doing extremely well. Most are now around 4 ½ feet tall, while two are over 5 ½ feet tall, sticking out of the grow tubes! I’m very pleased that they seem to have adjusted well to their environment, which is adjacent to a forested area on soil that is rocky and mostly clay. Thanks

-David Miyazaki,MO

I received the order. The trees look very healthy and were nicely packed. I buy quite a few plants for delivery -- many are not well packed so it is a pleasure to see yours. I've planted them and look forward to seeing how they do. All the best,

-D Green, GA

-Lovell Farms, GA

To Whom It May Concern - I planted the 10 chestnut trees I bought two weeks ago. To say the least, the care with which those plants were packed and shipped gave me the sense that I had something truly special. Each one felt quite alive as I held them. I own 78 acres in the Berkshires - a place where the chestnut once reigned supreme! I planted these trees in an open spot in the forest in hopes of reintroducing this tree to where it belongs. I'll get another 10 next year! Thanks and have a great summer!

-Bill Meier Great Barrington, MA

"I received my trees last week right on schedule and was very pleased with the quality of the trees"

-Bob Tarwater

Hi. Just to fill you in on how well the grapes that I purchased from you last February are doing. I find it hard to believe how fast they are growing. I'm going to add on the structure at a later date. If you see anything that I should be doing, I would appreciate any advice that you may have to offer. Sincerely,

-Jerry Bird

Thank you! Your order arrived a few hours ago-the service is unbelievably fast-and all of the plants are very healthy-great root systems. I can see that every one of them will do very well. Thank you again Chestnut Hill! I am a huge plant buff, and belong to several online plant organizations. You can be sure I will be signing your praises! Have a great afternoon,


Hi, I purchased 5 Dunstan's from you this spring. They arrived here in NY in April and I got them in the ground the next day. I planted them and mixed peat moss with the local soil, put 4' tree shelters around them, sprayed the competing vegetation, watered them through our drought 2 to 3 times a week and in June I watered with a weak solution of miracid. All are doing great. Two are now 4'6" tall, two are 5', and I have one mutant that is 8' tall. The picture is of the mutant and was taken this last Saturday. Its still putting out new leaves! Thanks for the great trees.

-Bob, NY

I was harvesting only 10,000 lbs from my 500 12-15 year old trees picking up nuts every other day. When I went to picking up nuts every day, my harvest jumped to 26,000 lbs! The deer were eating 2/3 of my crop every night!!

-R.T., North Carolina

Dear Bob and Debbie: Thank you for your sponsorship of the Green Builder Vision House 2011 and ReVision House 2011 showcased at the International Builders Show in Orlando January 12-15th, 2011. Your contributions were greatly appreciated by all involved. The edible landscaping with Chestnut Hill's peaches, nectarines, chestnuts, plums, blueberries, blackberries and grapes were the hit of the home tours!

-Teresa Watkins Landscape Designer, Radio and TV Gardening Host www.greenbuildermag.com

3 Year old Dunstan in 1000 tree Orchard in Kentucky


I am also pleased with the with the 180 trees that I ordered this year to start my orchard, best as I can tell I have only lost one. Below is a few photos for you. I already have trees coming out of the top of 5 foot tubes and some of these newly planted trees have put out Catkins. Again, I am very please with my order and the quality of the trees. Sincerely William Hanna Hanna Farms of the Pee Dee, Inc. In order below, my orchard layout, 2014 tree with Catkin, and 2014 tree coming out of a five foot tube.

-W. Hanna, SC

We bought 8 Dunstan chestnut trees from a nursery in New Hampton, Iowa, and 7 survived the winter. We believe a gopher chewed the roots off the one that died.

I was told that Rochester, Minnesota, is in zone 4 and that it is very hard for these chestnut trees to grow here, but as of right now we have 11 chestnut trees growing (7 Dunstan and 4 American).

-D. Timm Rochester, MN