- How to order
- How to pay
- Minimum order amount
- Quantity Discount Prices 
- Sales tax
- Contract growing for future delivery

- How and why to set up an account
- Checking on status of an order

- What size trees and plants we ship
- Larger sizes available
- Backorder out of stock items

- How we ship
- When we ship
- The cost of shipping
- Express shipping option
- What to do when you receive the order
- What to do if the ground is frozen
- Shipping to CA, AZ, HI, OR, WA and Out of Country
- International Shipping procedures
- The need and cost for Phytosanitary permits

- Our guarantee
- How to return a damaged order
- Your responsibility as a customer 
- Our plants are certified by the State of Florida

- We are not a garden center
- Regular nursery tours
- How to set up an appointment to visit


- Who can buy wholesale
- Larger sizes available
- How to receive a wholesale availability
- How we ship wholesale orders