A healthy, vigorous plant, just like a person, resists pests and diseases much better than a weak or stressed plant. Therefore, the first step in a good disease prevention program is fostering healthy plants with good fertilization and watering. The success of your orchard relies upon your care in giving the plants a good foundation.

Second, the cultivars we sell are selected as the best varieties for health, vigor and fruit production.  Contrary to popular belief, fruit trees don’t need excessive care or constant spray programs to bear fruit. Give them good care and you should receive a bounty of fruit from your backyard garden or orchard.

It is beyond the scope of this website to give a complete list of all of the pests and diseases than can occur. You should seek the expert advice of your local extension service or Department of Agriculture staff for diagnosis and recommendations of treatments or solutions. We have complied some information on pests on for our Dunstan Chestnut trees. Go to our "How to Plant and Grow" section under the Navigation section.  Most states operate a diagnostic lab that you can send samples of the critter that is eating the leaves, or samples of the leaves or roots that can be used to diagnose the problems. Some of the most common potential problems are listed with each variety description. Remember to always follow label instructions when applying chemicals of any kind.